Video Gallery


S1 E26 : The GTR build is underway!

S1 E25 : Drift Series : SSS Speed & Style Round One

S1 E24 : Almost showtime

S1 E23 : Wheels are here!!!

S1 E22 : Donuts for days

S1 E21 : Farewell...

S1 E20 : Merica meets JDM!

S1 E19 : The motor gets pulled!

1990 Bayside Blue T88 Single Turbo R32 Nissan Skyline GTR

S1 E18 : You won't believe what a customer brought in

S1 E17: Bayside blues

S1 E16 : We welcome Joe !

1993 Toyota MR2 GT-S

S1 E15 : Everything's for sale...

S1 E14 : Drift Series - Spirit of the wolf

S1 E13 : She's gone...

S1 E12 : MR2 & Cima are ready!

1993 Silky Snow White Nissan Cima V8

S1 E11 : Welcome home

S1 E10 : Shes alive!